12-year-old girl suicide: Should parents be held responsible?

A 12-year-old girl committed suicide while broadcasting it live on Facebook and has become viral for the past few days.

We had a few talks about it in our classes and our Research teacher asked us: Should parents be held responsible if their teenage children commit suicide.

Yes, parents are to be held responsible if their children, teenager or not, commit suicide.

The primary responsibility of parents is the actions of their children. Parents should always be the first one their children come to if they have problems. Children should always feel free to open up to their parents about everything that is happening in their everyday lives. If parents do not make their children comfortable with them in telling their problems, then the parents are not doing their responsibilities right.

Teenage years are the most curious and adventurous parts of growing up, therefore, it is one of the hardest chapters of our lives. Teenagers experience new things every single day. If there is no one to guide them and give advices, which is the task of their parents, they might break down and give up.

Many teenagers are experiencing emotional depression. At a young age, they are dealing with problems they are not supposed to deal with. At times when they cannot handle the pressure and sadness, they might think of one think that to them is a solution: suicide.

Of course parenting is difficult for new generation parents, as they have to work half the day or more than that. When they get home, they have to do the chores and other tasks they have to finish. But, they should always allot time for their children. Perhaps, eat dinner together and talk about the day. Or maybe, go out once a week for a family bonding. Through this, they will never miss anything on what is happening with the lives of their children.

Killing one’s self is said to be an unforgivable sin. So if possible, we should prevent and take action so that there will be no more cases or attempts of suicide.

Make a change in a good, simple way. Comfort and listen to people who are feeling low. Refrain from giving unnecessary advices. Listen, listen and listen. Make them comfortable so that they can open up freely. Through this, we can take off some of the burden they are carrying and together, we can reduce the number of suicide cases and make a difference.


3 thoughts on “12-year-old girl suicide: Should parents be held responsible?

  1. I think your statement of responsibility is too broad. If the parents neglected the child, ignored her pleas for help, were not involved in the child’s life, and generally just weren’t paying attention, then I believe they could be held responsible. (Though I don’t know what “held responsible” actually means. Blamed? Shamed? Jailed? What?)

    But if the parents were involved, were aware of the child’s struggles, were doing everything they could to help her, then they were acting responsibly and thoroughly and “holding them responsible” seems beside the point.

    And what of the bullies in this particular girl’s case. Aren’t they more directly and immediately responsible? The teachers at her school that seemed to have overlooked or disregarded the bullying? Her school counselor? Her minister?

    I realize I was not part of your discussion of this subject, and perhaps these points were brought up.

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