I woke up with the sound of my annoying alarm, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and I only had a couple hours of sleep. ‘Exhausted’ quickly became ‘Excited’ as I realized today is the day, our Tour 2016.

We waited at Ynares Center for a while and were the last ones to depart as there were some complications on bus arrangements. Nevertheless, we were still thankful and prayed for a safe trip. My seatmate was Daniel and we listened to music until we arrived 3 hours later at Manila Ocean Park, our first itinerary.

Oceanarium featured different species of aquatic animals. The best part was the tunnel, a glass dome where you can pass through as if underwater. It was breath-taking, could stay there all day. Unfortunately, the tour must go on.

The next and my most favorite part of Ocean Park was Trails to Antarctica! It was the first time I saw a real penguin, and I was so happy when the penguin followed me, stopped and smiled for a selfie. We also got to see the Sea Lions, Vincent and Ysabelle, do incredible stunts and learned mind-boggling facts about them.

Manila Ocean Park was a great venue if you want to see absolutely astonishing marine life, at the same time learning all about it.

The journey to our next destination, Enchanted Kingdom was fast. We were the first ones to arrive there from our school. We did not want to waste any minute while we’re there, so we changed to our section shirts, alighted, took pictures with Sir Baguinon and then went inside to start our magical experience.

Our first ride was the EKstreme Tower, it made me lose my fear because it takes you 150 feet above ground and drops you really fast in only 2 seconds. It prepared me for all the extreme rides I’m about to encounter for the second time.

We rode the Anchor’s Away next, but I did not really enjoy it since I was separated from my classmates. The next one is the Air Race, airplanes revolving and spinning upside down. I was relieved of all the stress and anger as I shouted it all during the ride.

Then, the most exciting and the main highlight of this year’s Tour for me, Space Shuttle. Together with, Daniel, Kathleen, Cloei, Arianna, Rienne, Lindssy, Grace, Amalia, Jara, Carlo, Mya, Timothy, Shella and Paula, we rode the toughest ride there is. My first time last year, I closed my eyes shut and held the seatbelt tight, but this time I did not only opened my eyes the whole time, but I also waved my hands in the air, shouting to the top of my lungs. It was amazing!

After that, we rode the Air Race again and went back to the bus because it’s already time. I listened to music on the way home but I did not fall asleep, perhaps it was the adrenaline rush still going on inside me.

It was truly a memorable experience, even though we only had limited time and spent most of it falling in lengthy lines, I enjoyed every second of it.

To sum it up, this year’s tour is definitely one of the most unforgettable day of my life!


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